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Favorite Series

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 21
I have to admit, I've always thought that Allison had a twin sister because there was an story at the beginning in the serie of a twin in the family . But I did not see this coming . great show and an ever greater ending.
I'm glad the actors finally come in their role , and I see that there is finally something more recognition of the books , I hope this series is completed as described in the books and not prematurely is cancelled
The Lost Room
to bad it was only 6 episodes it could be so much more , the story was interesting and original , maybe is there somebody who wants to make more episodes or make a total new tv show with the some concept .
great show
Phantom Faye
watched elsewhere but it's a low , low very low budget serie , look on the internet
Pretty Little Liars
to bad we have to wait for so lang for second halve of season 7
Teen Wolf
great show
to bad they don't keep the story by the books
The Messengers
I wish they took the consideration to get a second season
The Vampire Diaries
i must admit the series are more fun to watch then the books to read , but that's just my opinion
Wynonna Earp
I just love the show , hope to see season 2 real soon